You might be wondering what we do here. You might even be wondering what you're doing here. I can't answer the second question for you, I'm sorry, but I can tell you what you can do here.

At Lyricism, you can participate in the global discussion of lyrics. Lyrics are often pervasive, subversive, cryptic, ignored, and misinterpreted, among a great many other qualities. People frequently read the same lyrics in different ways, coming away with differing interpretations of the lyricist's intents. And through all this, lyricists themselves (and the interviewers they talk to) remain disappointingly quiet about the subject, rarely discussing the inspirations behind their lyrics, much less their processes or meanings.

We're here to put an end to that, bringing lyrics to the forefront of the discussion. Magazines, books, and websites centered on music overflow with content surrounding instruments, singing, and performances, while the spotlight that would illuminate the rich world behind the vocals remains dim.

This isn't just the realm of critics, reviewers, and journalists. Everyone who listens to music listens to lyrics, and everyone who listens to lyrics can talk about them. So for those of you who are just interested in reading, listening, and watching, enjoy our articles, audio, and videos. For those of you who want to chime in about our content, we invite you to leave comments and add a spark to the discussion. And for anyone who feels strongly enough to call yourself a lyricist, we welcome you to the fold.

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