Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Only Hell Knows" by Vader

From their 2011 album Welcome to the Morbid Reich, Polish death metal bands lends us their sly commentary on religious aptitude for war, killing, and torture:

          Why a need to crush, to grind or disembowel
          Why a need to rape, to crucify
          Why a need to raise, to fly, dictate and rule
          Why a need to fall
          Only hell knows*

Sounds like Vader is calling some Christians hypocrites: "Killing in the name of a god is hellish."Not exactly unique for a death metal outfit, but at least they're backed up by some solid research. But is it more metal than that cheerful old hymn from the Christian canon There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood?

Religious people love torture.
graph from The Religious Dimensions of the Torture Debate, an analysis by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, a project of the Pew Research Center

(lyrics courtesy of

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